Foxhunting is conducted within the law as defined by the Hunting Act 2004.  The MFHA lays down very strict rules and instructions which have to be observed by all the Masters of Foxhounds.  Nothing must be done to compromise these rules, the most important of which are:

  • Masters, or their appointed deputies (eg Field Masters) are solely responsible for the day’s hunting and for enforcing the MFHA rules.  Their authority is absolute and their instructions must be obeyed implicitly by all mounted, car and foot followers at all times.
  • Hunting flourishes entirely through the goodwill of landowners and farmers, and nobody who hunts – whether mounted  or on foot – should do anything to jeopardise this goodwill.  Always remember that you are a guest on someone else’s land.
  • Always avoid any form of confrontation with anti-hunt protesters.


As the hunt meets by arrangement or invitation, it has to be accountable  for its conduct.  Mounted followers enjoy access to large areas of countryside denied to other people.  When you follow hounds mounted you must:

  • Avoid obstructing public roads or any private access when parking at meets.  Obtain permission before parking on private land.
  • Arrive punctually at the meet.
  • Ensure your turnout is neat, clean and safe.
  • Avoid causing any damage,   If you caused or notice damage of any kind, report it immediately to the Master or Field / Hunt Secretary.
  • Never ride on a public footpath.  Follow the Field Master who may lead you along the side of a footpath.
  • Never ride across growing crops.  Always follow the Field Master round headlands or up tramlines.
  • Never disturb any livestock.  Close any gates left open by the Hunt.
  • Remember – a red ribbon on your horse’s tail is no excuse if it kicks.  Keep well clear of other horses.
  • Never obstruct roads.  Always help non-hunt traffic to pass and thank drivers for slowing down and allowing you to pass.


  • If there is a Car Field Master, obey him implicitly to avoid interfering with the sport and to increase your chances of seeing the action. 
  • Never interrupt traffic flow on public roads.  Every delayed driver is a potential enemy of hunting.
  • Never obstruct a private gateway or drive.  Never drive on private roads, tracks or farmland unless certain of the farmer or landowner’s permission to do so.  Never drive 4WD vehicles along bridleways or footpaths.
  • Keep vehicles together.  Switch of your car engine if hounds are near you.  If you leave your vehicle follow the Foot Followers Code.
  • At the meet take care not to take up parking space that could be used by horse boxes and trailers.


  • If you leave the road you become a guest on someone’s land. Please respect that privilege.
  • Remain as quiet and well concealed as possible.
  • Assist Hunt Staff where you can (ie opening gates, holding horses etc).